March 1st, 2009


Thank god that gene is recessive.

This has been sitting & stewing for a bit now, I better come out with it before I explode in some sort of messy exploding type way with explosions.

Back in October, about a week before the election, I made a bet with my father on the outcome of it. My side of the bet was that not only would Obama would win, but McCain wouldn't even break 200 electoral votes. My reasoning was because of the way Wubya fucked over the GOP, Palin's "helping", McCain's rambling, the fact the right could really get any of their points against Obama to stick for more than a minute (Unless it was Faux News), and I kept track of the way the polls were leaning and moving from July all the way up to the election.

My father side was that McCain would win, with no other strings attached. His reasoning?

His almost exact words: "Because no white man would vote for a black man." (Save he didn't use black man at the end. Y'all can probably guess the word.) And that was his only reason.

And trust me people, LJ does not have enough system memory for all the faceplamming that statement brings.

Now the bet itself was for $20. I still haven't received this money yet either. You see, my father said he left his side of the bet money on the refrigerator. (I kept my side of the bet money in my pocket.) Now sometime between Nov 1st and Nov 3rd, his money disappeared. Now everyone in my family knew about this bet and no one has a reason to take it, mostly because they want to see my old man eat his words on this one.

So the morning after the election I very politely tell my father "You owe my some money. Pay up." I get told that since the money disappeared from the fridge that it was my fault for not keeping track of his money, and he's not paying because he doesn't want to lose $40 instead of $20. (If I was a bookie, his knees would be broken and I'd still be getting my money.)

Now we have that conversation at least twice a week and, like I said, I still haven't gotten my money. And now I'm fucking sick of the go-around with the old man... So it's time to let the Internet decide.

Poll #1357961 About my father...

Check what you think.

Your father's an asshole.
Your father's a racist.
Your father's an idiot.
Nothing's wrong with your father.
Your father probably stole his own money so he would just only lose face.
You probably stole the money.
Someone else probably stole the money.
Your father's right, you should've kept track of the money.
Nothing's wrong at all.

And show me some faceplams if what my father said/did pissed you off to the point of facepalmming.