November 5th, 2012


Horses and Bayonets, er, Candidates and Robots!

A little short this time, because my mind has been elsewhere as of late, but... Oh god, here we go again: Collapse )

All in all I believe Obama will win, but not by the margin he did four years ago. And as much as some of the right-wing drum-beaters believe Romney will win, the middle of the road staunch republicans I know say mostly the same thing: Mitt scares the crap out of them. Plus people don't like screwing with the status quo unless it's REALLY fucked up.

... And I do like the possibility (and yes, it is possible) of Obama winning the election by electoral vote and not get the popular vote. We've seen that happen before, and I just want to see Fox News froth at the mouth if it does.

Alas, whoever you going to pick, just go fucking vote.