RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Just a bit more election crap.

Goddammit, can someone just call North Carolina so we get it completely over with?

Oh, and according to some reports (and a few instances I've seen with my own eyes.), the far right wing is already imploding. (Fox News' reason why McCain lost? The financial crisis. Not the way the campaigns were run, not Failin' Palin, not the nutty supporters. Solely the financial crisis. Which according to Rush Limbaugh was Bill Clinton's fault.) And I'm trying not to laugh about it, but I'm failing miserably... mostly because the crap they're saying is basically the same crap the far LEFT wing was saying in '00/'04. (Voter fraud let's sue, the country's fucked I'm moving to Canada, and so forth.)
Tags: politics, retarded

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