RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Well, I do think that O'Reilly is sort of a troll...

Every time wrong or bad happens to Obama camp, or even vaguely close to it, the right wing is over it like (insert whatever you want here). And whenever it does happen, all I can imagine someone like Hannity or some such sitting in their dressing room, holding this little bit of info to his chest, and going "My preciousssssss..."

Seriously, watching the right wing right now is sad. Funny as fuck, but still sad. Yes, the certain things are not going as quickly as some would hope. However, when you have 7-8 years of fuck-ups to fix, it's not going to be instantaneous.

Though a question remains to those who do lean to the right: What the fuck are you doing to help unscrew this mess other than bitching about how it's not being unscrewed fast enough?

(This message is brought to you by the fact my dad has Hannity on the radio right now bitching about how the stimulus package isn't working fast enough and we'll all be jobless and socialists in 4 years, and I just want to kick the speakers in.)
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