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Rant mode ACTIVATE!

Had to go into work early and I left my computer on. So first off let me say sorry to a certain group on a certain chat server. The Sysops has my full permission to kick my ass if I ever do it again. An at least peer got me not long after I left.
Besides, fate also gave it back to me good by giving me a nice rush for a weekday midnight. -_-

Anyway, the reason why I had to go in early is because Bill, the assistant manager over at work can’t be left alone.

Yes, I did say the assistant manger couldn’t be left alone. Why? How can I put it...

Ah, screw it. He’s a moron. There is honestly no other way I can put it with out cursing.

No, actually, I can. He’s a lazy moron. There’s the inability to learn from reasons beyond your control, then there is the inability to learn because you just don’t want to, because it means ‘\/\/0Rk!!!!111!!’.

Bill’s management. He should be doing mainly paperwork, staying late to finish it, and fixing our screw-ups. What he has been doing of late, mopping the floor, (He used to sweep the lot, but apparently gave up on it.) leaving before I do on the nights, and leaving someone else to find HIS fuckups.

And we’re is he whenever one of us needs help? Well, Bill pulls what we have named the “Houdini act,” which means he disappears without a trace. Which has started to really mucked up business , to the point where we had two drive-offs in one night, totaling over $50 in lost money.

And he needs help almost every five seconds. The majority of the crap that doesn’t get run through the register isn’t exactly easy, but not too friggin’ hard to learn. Hell, he’s the one who should be showing us how to do it, not the other way around.

Aaaaguhfucitall…. Okay, I done. Enough with the venting/bitching/angsting for now. I go to do my pre-AT thing and go to Best Buy and get a new CD, then finish packing.
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