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As stated on my Twitter: Confound these ponies, they drive me to MST.

Or "How in the fuck did I become a brony oh fuck it let's use the Mane 6 as the crew." Hopefully these will open; it's my first time using Google Docs like this.

Griffy's Journey by Wesdaaman: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Note: I still need to write an intro getting them on the satellite and everything. I just want to see how the rest holds up.

And this is locked for a reason. I would ask permission, but right now there's a shitstorm going on between him and Ponibooru. Not because of the crappy stories and art, but because of his attitude towards other fans. It probably wouldn't be a problem if he kept it to his own stuff, but he more or less shoves his views onto others via the comments on their stuff on their sites.  (Homophobia, and possible racism on two different fronts. For joy! >P) And the rest of the fandom isn't liking it too much, and he's just not getting the reasons on why he should stop. So I'm fairly sure the answer for getting permission right now would be 'no.'

And yes, these views do bleed into his stories and artwork, along with a nice dose of misogyny! Hell, that's in the first paragraph of what I riffed. (And it's seems kinda prevalent throughout his fics.)

And just in case it gets out, or I have a moment of assholeness and go public with it, I did put the Fair Use clause at the bottom of part 3. JUNE 11 UPDATE: Permission granted.

- Cross-posted to: My LJ, svam, possibly my FaceBook later on up on FB now. Google link: http://goo.gl/fEH1B

Oh, and I did whip up a quick and dirty MST of one of Wes' fics that was posted over on Ponibooru, mostly due to sleep deprivation and it was right there and I kinda wanted to do it. Part 1, part 2, and part 3.
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