RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Horses and Bayonets, er, Candidates and Robots!

A little short this time, because my mind has been elsewhere as of late, but... Oh god, here we go again: Gundam P: The Four Year Election.

Returning to the fight is Obamabot 3000 and Bidanm. Now while they have made great strides in multiple places, from getting rid of "Don't ask, don't tell" (because nobody gives a fuck) to making sure if a colony drops on you, you can get treated for it. However the economy hasn't gotten better, and this is a huge thing against Obamabot. And while giant robots run and win on hope, the rest of the world doesn't. And this has hurt.

On the other side you have Mittzinger R and Getter Ryan. Now Mittzinger has ran a smaller state and several fin funnels, but he seems to be more for keeping his funnels in his bot. And He says he for the colonies, but he's never lived in one, nor built it. He financed it though... Well, the one that got outsourced to Jupiter.

And he thinks that our military is shrinking, and needs to be the size it was nearly 100 years ago, so we'll be going back to robots being controlled by kids in short pants.

Also someone might have put his exhaust port in his mouth early on because he seemed to be spewing out stupid shit every other day. It appears they fixed this on Mittzinger R, but not yet on Getter Ryan. However, they have shoved him into a corner and told him to shut up. (A lesson learned from the Palintron debacle the last time around.)

This will be a fight to decide the fate of all mankind! ... Okay, a small chuck of it, but still. ;P

All in all I believe Obama will win, but not by the margin he did four years ago. And as much as some of the right-wing drum-beaters believe Romney will win, the middle of the road staunch republicans I know say mostly the same thing: Mitt scares the crap out of them. Plus people don't like screwing with the status quo unless it's REALLY fucked up.

... And I do like the possibility (and yes, it is possible) of Obama winning the election by electoral vote and not get the popular vote. We've seen that happen before, and I just want to see Fox News froth at the mouth if it does.

Alas, whoever you going to pick, just go fucking vote.
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