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Here, movelist update. Fear me.

RJ Bachler
"Military Idler... or something."

Stage: The typical gas station, with the Chicago skyline in the background. A couple of people who are pumping their gas will look up to see RJ and his opponent ready to beat on each other, freak and run off the screen before the fight starts. Also, RJ or his opponent can be throw through the left side of the screen into the convenience store, where people will completely ignore them. (Ala the bathhouse stage in MvsC.)

Variations: Day (Default), Night w/ lights on, winter.

(Alt Version: (This also goes for RJ-chan.) It'll be an alleyway-like stage, behind the gas station. You'll see the pumps, plus RJ-chan's stage beyond that. There will be a wall between it, and you'll see just the back of the building, the garbage area (fenced in) and a propane tank. Save for someone hanging around the tank, no one will even notice the fight going on.

Theme: "Riot Starter (Live @ The Fillmore Version)" - Cyprus Hill (Pumps stage)
"Click, Click, BOOM" - Saliva (Alley stage)

Description: A young man (5'-9", 135 lbs) with short brown hair and blue eyes, both usually hidden underneath a black hat and dark sunglasses. Though he has a few friends, he’s not really allied or against anyone, RJ is bored with life and is just looking to release some frustration and energy with a good fight.

He wears just his basic street clothes: A black cap, dark sunglasses, a dark blue t-shirt underneath an open short sleeve White Sox jersey, black carpenter jeans and steel-toed boots.

Color var: Cap: Black/White/Blue. T-shirt: Blue/Red/White/Black/Grey. Jersey: White/Black. Pants: Black/Blue.

(Alt Version: Instead of the blue shirt/Sox Jersey, RJ'll have on a red shirt with a black collar. Along with a red cap. Yes, the work uniform. :P)

His stance is basic, one fist level with his chin, the other towards the lower part of his torso. He'll sway slightly from side to side. If left in idle, RJ will cross his arms and lean to one side.

Style: Your basic, good old fashion 'I'm-gonna-kick-you-ass!' streetfighting

Button: Street Fighter

1st round opening:
RJ will jump into place and say "... *You're* first? Heh. Alright then..."
[His stage] RJ will be screwing with one of the pumps. He'll notice his opponent waiting and groan slightly before getting into place.

[His stage] RJ will be standing in his 'idle' animation while his opponent comes in. He'll adjust his cap or glasses and say "It's about time." before taking his normal stance.
RJ will watch as his opponent goes through their openings, then laughs as he assumes his stance.
RJ will already be in his stance. Right before his opponent finishes their opening, he'll stop moving and go "Yak yak yak." and then resume his stance.
[Mirror fight - Perfect] RJ will stare at his clone for a second before going "Oh greeeeeaaaaaaaaaat." and going into his stance.
[Mirror Fight - Army] RJ will blink at himself and go "... Did I miss Annual Training?"
[Mirror fight - RJ-chan] (Coming Soon)
Vs Alex: Alex and RJ will go through the Kyo/Iori taunt from CvS. They'll pause for a second, then both will go "What, you were expecting something else?"
Vs Chibi: Chibi will go "Baka baka hentai" to RJ, to which RJ will go "Yeah, so? ^-^". Rini then will pop out from behind RJ and clock him one with a mallet, causing a couple of points of damage.
Vs DH-01: RJ will have his arms crossed and simply ask "You ready, Shrubs?" before slipping into his stance.
Vs Tiffa: RJ will be hold up a bag of cookies, then tosses them offscreen.
Vs Wanderer: RJ will remove his Sox Jersey. "No home court advantage on this one. We're gonna havta get brutal."

Taunts: [start] RJ will tip the brim of his cap down and go "Heh."
[forward/back + start] RJ will flip his opponent off.

Victory Poses:
RJ will straighten the rim of his cap out an go "Whoo!"
RJ will cross his arms and go "Awwww, poor widdle baby got their ASS WHOMPED."
[Supers/specials] RJ'll bow his head, eyes closed, his open right hand right below it. He'll be gathering chi in the palm of his hand, almost holding it back. He'll close his hand, snuffing out the chi right as his eyes pop open to glare at his opponent.
[Blowout] RJ walks up to his opponent, bends over, gets right in his/her face and shakes his head.
[desperation] RJ will fall back onto his butt and say "Finally, a somewhat decent fight!"
[to time] RJ will just walk off screen, looking more pissed off than his opponent does.
[flash finisher] RJ will smirk at his opponent, and go 'heh.'
[rage] RJ will drop to his knees, pushing any remaining chi out of his fist to the ground and look completely exhausted.
[Wanderer] RJ will plop down right next to Wanderer and ask "So... Cubs Vs. Sox, World Series. Who do you think'll win?"
[Alex] RJ will wave his finger back and forth, and say "No Rei for you now."
[Alex - enraged] RJ'll do his Blowout pose, but he'll go "You were powerful... But sloppy."
[Chibi-chan] RJ will blink at the fallen Chibi, then RUN offscreen.
[Mirror - Any] RJ will turn his back to his opponent, and cross his arms. "Can't beat the real deal, punk."

Draw: RJ will assume his idle stance and go: "Well, at least you didn't win either."

Loss to time: RJ will tap his watch.

Why don't you find a kid to terrorize?
Wow. You... absolutely suck.
[blowout] At least try next time.
[desperation] Maybe... but not today.
[To time] That was no win. That was Lady Luck being odd.
[FF] Sorry if that hurt... It was supposed to be a quick and painless death.
[rage] ... Damn, what did I just do?
[Mirror - Any] There can be only one... God, I always wanted to say that. ^-^
[Alex] I played in the street Alex... :P
[Chibi] Hello, United Air? I need a ticket out of here. NOW.

Example Combo: MK, low jab, low MP, Rush 'em

Vs Tiffa: Instead of the usual flipping off taunt, RJ will flip a cookie like a coin.
Vs DH-01: No matter what stage they're on, Zim and Gir can be seen in the background.
Vs Wanderer: RJ will be missing his jersey during the entire fight.
Vs RJ-chan: Neither Flash Finisher can be performed.

Anticipation Counter: U-turn - qcf, df + k: RJ will grab the opponent, then delivers a roundhouse kick, sending the opponent back the way he/her came.
Quote: About FACE!

Overhead: Crescent kick - f, f + FK: RJ will a standard crescent kick over his head and onto his opponent's head.

Slam: close f + FP - RJ will grab his opponent and promptly slam him/her on their head.
In yo FACE!: close f + FK - RJ will grab his opponent's head, slam his knees into their chest and slam them backwards.

Dark Shot: qcf + P (chargeable) - RJ will charge and pitch a basic dark fireball at his opponent. Minor lag due to charge.
Price check!: Close, dpm + P (x3) - RJ will whip out a pricing gun and "price" his opponent. This can be done up to three times in a row if you hit punch quickly enough.
Rush 'em: hcf + P - RJ will rush towards his opponent, grabbing them by the neck as he passes by, and slams them into the wall.
Eat boot: qcf + K - RJ will do a roundhouse kick, but with an added energy wave.
Dive bomber: (air) qcf, df + K - RJ will do an angled diving kick.
Meet my knee: close, charge f, b + K - RJ will grab his opponent by the face and slam it into his knee.

Deadly Silence: qcf x2 + P - Standard Super Fireball thing. RJ will charge it with both hands and fling it across the screen, but when it hits the opponent (not blocked) it'll engulf them in a black sphere for a few seconds as red slash marks appear on it. the amount of slashes depends on the level. It'll drop them out after the slashes are done. Lag due to the charge.
Quote: Idle? No... Deadly silence.
Kamikaze: (air) qcf x2 + K - RJ will dive ala Dive bomber, but with added speed and flames.
Guess what’s on sale?: dpm x2 + P - RJ will whip out two pricing guns and fire them off like machine guns. Chow Young Fat he's not, but he'll try. :P
Quote: Price check on a loser!
(Remix version - Beatdown: close, hcf x2 + P - RJ will call Ayane and do a two person variant of the Rival School Justice High beatdown.)

Rage: Damn you, ya asshole, DIE!: close, hcb x2 + FP: RJ will grab his opponent by the neck and slam them down to the ground. RJ then will jump on top of him/her, driving his knees into their torso, then start to slam chi powered fists into their face.
Quote: "Damn..." (Left fist), "You..." (Right), "Ya..." (Left), "Asshole..." (Right), "DIE!" (Both at once).

Desperation: Blow the Tanks!: hcf, qcb + FP - RJ will slam the ground with his fist. Six pillars of fire will shoot up from the ground, one right after the other, in rapid succession, across the screen. Each pillar that hits RJ's opponent will do 10% damage.
Quote: Eat flaming octane, bitch!

Flash: The Final Goodbye (lv 3): close, hcb x2, f, b, f + 3P - RJ will charge the black energy used in the Dark Shot/Deadly Silence, save it'll look like he's trying to contain it between his hands for a few seconds. He'll thrust both hands and the energy forward into his opponent and he/she will be engulfed ala Deadly Silence, but a bigger sphere. RJ will promptly follow his opponent into the sphere. No one can see what goes on, but the sounds of some mass smackdowning can be heard. Afterwards, RJ's opponent will be launched from the sphere and across the screen, while RJ lands safely where the sphere once was. (Note: If RJ misses when he tries to thrust the energy forward, he'll pause for a second in the stance, then go "Oh... Ummm... Shiiiiiiiiiittttt. -_-;;;". And he'll be left WIDE open. I mean, wide "a first time playing scrub can whip his ass" open. Plus he can't reach Level 3 on his super bar again.)
Quote: The darkness shall consume you. The final goodbye!

Team Assist (edit): Psych!: RJ will hop in, almost right on top of the opponent and go for the Deadly Silence, but will stop at the last second and do a basic uppercut.
Quote: Idle? Nooo... Psych!

Team Assist (Caption): Eat my boot, meet my 'mate: RJ will perform Eat Boot, launching his opponent towards his teammate, with the opponent landing one or two pixels away from his teammate, leaving them slightly dizzied and open for any of their supers.

Team Assist (The RJs): Here, YOU take him: RJ will grab the opponent and throw them towards his teammate.

Dual Super (edit): (coming soon)

Dual Super (with Alex or Chibi): Web Page Avatar Wars: The Avvies from RJ's and Alex or Chibi's page will come out and run over their opponent.

Dual Super (With RJ - Army or RJ-chan): Bounce with it: RJ will come quick in and uppercut his opponent. Then RJ-chan or RJ(Army) will start to bouncing them back and forth about 4 times. On the fifth time, RJ will launch them up so they land between the two RJs, where they'll both rush in, grab the opponent, and slam them down into the ground.

Team Super (With Alex AND Chibi): Three-way pain WAI!: Alex & Chibi will jump in and all three will ram and drag the opponent to the wall, where they will beat them so much all you'll see is a cloud of dust. When it's done, all three will hop back about a half a screen, the dust will settle, and the opponent will still be standing there. A half a second later, the opponent will just fall down.

Team Super (RJs): Pure Darkness: All three RJs will perform a big ass beam of pure dark chi, almost like a constant beam version of Deadly Silence.
Quote (All three): You cannot escape it. Pure darkness!



RJ Bachler is a normal guy... who's been getting quite frustrated with life in general. (Or maybe it's the customers.) He hears about a fighting tournament, and rather than doing something that would be considered highly illegal to clear out his anger, decides to put his energies to something more "productive" and heads towards it and his first opponent...


Who knows why someone wants to kill every single RJ Bachler across the universes. Maybe they watched "The One" too much. But upon hearing that whoever is offing them is in this tournament, these three versions vow they will not go down without a fight.



After winning the tournament, RJ just used the money to pay off any bills and whatnot that had collected up. He was just glad to get rid of all that bullshit that had piled up on his psyche and heads back to work with a clearer head...


....... When's the next tourney? -_-;


After defeating the man responsible for killing the other RJs, the three versions go back to their own dimensions.

But each wonders when they get back... Just who is the strongest one of them all?

Template made (ripped) from OR '99
Yes, this is why I added some of the OR guys. I bow before Wandy and I know Tiffa and DH. And yes, I'm in the process of writing the -chan's movelist too. :P
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