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Trick or Treat.

Something I forgot to mention last night. A kid, probably no older than 14, comes in at about 10 PM and asks where to get a CO2 tank for a paintball gun filled. Two things go through my mind.

1. Why does anyone ask a gas station employee stupid shit like that? Where to get a CO2 tank filled, what's the road conditions in Iowa, what the tempurature is a lake in Romania. I'm not god, I don't know, I just get paid $9/hour to push buttons. Check a phone book or the internet for that crap.

2. Now a kid that age, the day before Halloween, wanting to get a paintball gun tank filled... I wonder what he's going to do for the hoilday?

Chances are that nobody'll fill a tank for a kid that age on or around Halloween anyway. That kind of stuff you have to plan at least a month ahead of schedual... Not that I know anything about that. :P

And I might as well raid the candy pot again. ^^
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