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Hits from *where?*

I finally got off my ass and checked my trackers for my site. Now as I go through the website refferals, going "Mine, search, search, freind, freind, link I have to change, search..." Two hits stand out like good pr0n on the net.

The first is Free Form Discussion board over at the Pavilion Gaming Grounds. No, I don't know why a link is there, let alone where it's at. If someone could point me at the right message, it would be much appreciated. ^^

The other... threw me for a loop. Again, I don't know why a link is there, or where it's at. It's part a site that some people that I know have talked, bitch and ranted about, though I don't really care about this site. I saw it, when 'Enh, not my cup of tea.', didn't get involved in anything to do with it and just forgot about it until it popped up on the trackers. And I really want to find where the link is on it...

Because it's the Unicorn Jelly forums. And I REALLY want to find the link to my site on this one. I'm damned curious on why it's there.
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