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One-freaking-hundredth entry. :P

I've done a hundred entries in this thing now, which does included public, friends only, and private. And in only under a half a year. :P

So, like I said in my last post, here's the "Oh dear god, it WAS a freaking LJ. ;_;" journal from my page, with minor spellchecking. And the last update on it was... less than a half hour before creating this one.

... Jeff, I need to curse you to hell again. :P


May 27, 2002 23:30 CDT: I feel the need to update, yet don't really want to, so here's something short I call: "The good, the bad, & the ugly."

The good: Birthday's coming up. Presents wai.
The bad: I got to go over to my mom's store tomorrow and fix her cooler. Off the clock. >_<
The ugly: Someone chipped the paint off the hood of my car with their keys. GODDAMNIT.

[Mood] You damaged my Eva... er, car. J00 Di3!!111!!! Kill the bastard who did that to my car.
[Music] Sum 41 - "What We're All About" (Spider-Man Soundtrack)
[Wants] To find whoever fucked with my car: Now. TO HURTMAIMKILLTHEM: NOW


May 21, 2002 12:00 CDT: Would've posted this sooner, but I'm lazy. :P

Sometimes you can go through a whole shitty weekend and have just ONE good thing happen to you that makes it ultimately rule. Like it did this weekend.

Work sucked, my sleep schedule as of late is about as on-time as a flight out of O'Hare during winter, and I've been getting headaches.

But the one good thing that made up for it was that I got asked to be the best man at one of my best friend's wedding. Yeah, it's three years away, but still, it just too damned cool and a complete honor to be even asked.

And he wants to have it in either Bermuda, The Bahamas, or Jamaica. So when I have nothing to do with the wedding, I'm gonna go let my hormones go. ;P

[Mood] Now sell me your soul. (Sinfest version (c) of Tatsuya Ishida.) Damnable good.
[Music] "Takin' Care of Business" - B-TO
[Wants] Nothing right now: I'm odd, aren't I? :P


May 14, 2002 11:20 CDT: Whenever I work the midnight shift, there's usually something that either makes me wish complete destruction on the mass majority of humanity, or realize that it's pretty much on it's own damned good way.

Case in point for the latter: I was giving directions to someone. Short version:

"Yeah, it's just 7 minutes north of here."
"It is? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! XD"

And the actually happened. In real life. In front of me. At work. At 12:30 in the morning.

I'm gonna go hide now.

[Mood] Mommy... Scared.
[Music] Rob D - "Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino mix)" [Matrix Soundtrack]
[Wants] To pass final tomorrow: Pleaseohplease... "Eeeeeeee! XD": Honestly, what the HELL?


May 09, 2002 21:00 CDT: I have this weird hierarchy thing on what comes first in my life:

Friends & Family
The Army
Pretty much everything else.

Yeah, I'll tell my boss, my education, even the Good ol' USA to screw themselves *LONG* before I even think of screwing my family or friends over

Why'd I put that up there? Well, I read other people's LiveJournals. And I know others read this half-assed attempt at it. (But I will probably never get one, because I figure if I'm paying to keep this site running, [It's only $4.95 a month, yeah, but still. :P] might as well put something here. And I don't plan on getting one... Ya know, until I get a hypocritical moment and actually get one.) And it's seems to be rant away day or something. ;p

And the wacko with the pipe bombs was making a smiley face. O_o

[Mood] Freaky. Weird. Should stop watching Lain. Odd
[Music] SMB remixs from vgmix.com
[Wants] To do stuff: I'm lazy. Food: Need foooooood...


May 04, 2002 20:10 CDT: I just want to post this for no other good reason other that I want to.

Final formation, 'bout a quarter to 5. Waiting outside in the lot for the Sargent Major to get out there and let us go home for the day. There's a line of cherry trees along the edge. The wind kicks up and showers the group in petals.

First thing to go through my mind is '... fucking new beret. Fucking Army standard for short hair. I'm bishounen as sliced bread and there is no way I can take advantage of this. >_<.'

Yeah, I'm a oddball and have been watching to much anime. Why do you ask? :P

[Mood] Sakura. I know, shitty pun. :P Damned cherry blossoms.
[Music] The Beatles - 1
[Wants] Food: It's almost always. :P Money: I be broked 'til Thursday. ;_;.


May 03, 2002 11:45 CDT: ... 39 degrees? 39? Thirty-fucking-nine degree?! It's the beginning of May and it wass only 39 outside this morning.

It's supposed to be better this weekend, but still.

[Mood] Cold. But not nekkid, like Asuka. Cold.
[Music] Flippin' through CDs like I'm on crack
[Wants] To do the pic thingy: I'm going deeper into LJ crap, whoo-hoo! To be warm: Mother Nature, you ungrateful whore...


May 02, 2002 17:30 CDT: Didn't go to school today, mainly because I felt like sleeping in. Didn't update the LiveJournal thing (Yes, I admit it, this thing is a crappy rip on a LiveJournal. Fuck off.) mainly because I didn't feel like it.

But here, as I spiral further down into LiveJournaldom, is a couple of tests. (Yeah Alex, I know one's something you sent in. :P)

What kind of drunk are you?

Hey Rockman/Megaman X fans! Take the "Which Mega Man X character are you most alike to?"

[Mood] Testy </pun>
[Music] None. Can't find m'CD player, don't want to use the computer, upgrading WinAmp.
[Wants] Still want a freaking icon thingy for my [Mood]: Very much so. I'm Iris: WTF?


Apr 20, 2002 18:00 CDT: Have update in a while, and I'm bored right now, so here's a litte thing I though up based from one of the upcoming STotW. (Anime Summaries.)

Final Fantasy:
I fight!

White Mage:
I heal!

I steal!

Black Mage:
I blow stuff up!

(Repeat ad infin, just with different names and longer FMVs.)

[Mood] Bored
[Music] Random video game remixes
[Wants] Food: Eating as I type. To finish Fatal Frame: I'm up to the third night, and I see dead people. :P


Apr 13, 2002 16:50 CDT: Well, I am now PAYING for the site. Wheeee or some shit.

I kinda would've had to eventually. Tripod was going to start zapping sites that went over their 25 mb file limit. I was over that by 1.4 megs, plus I would've been adding more as soon as I add more captions.

Menh, biting down $5 a month isn't bad. And plus the ads have gone bye-bye, and my bandwidth limit has been raised to 3 gigs a month/204.8 megs a day/17.1 megs a hour.

So everyone should be grateful. I'm losing money to bring you this crap! ;p

[Mood] Oddly content.
[Music] The Adventures of the Mini-Goddess ED. It's addicting.
[Wants] Cake: Cake! Wai Wai! ^-^ Big Game jackpot winner: Why didn't it HAPPEN YET?!?! >_<


Apr 10, 2002 00:10 CDT: Oh dear god, please let someone, anyone, win the fucking Big Game. I'm sick of dealing with these dipshits from other states that want to play it AND DON'T FREAKING UNDERSTAND HOW TO whenever the jackpot goes nuts.


[Mood] AngstangstangstLookIamthegodofdeathagnst.
[Music] Flying in the Sky (Kageyama cover) - G Gundam OP
[Wants] No more Big Game rollover: Would be wai. Chocolate Creme Oreos: Booyaka bitch.


Apr 8, 2002 13:50 CDT: *Ahem*

[13:22] *** Now talking in #C-ko'schathall
[13:22] *** Topic is '(<chicago{Weather}> :P) <~ RJ, you freak.'

It's little stuff like what's above that makes me happy after not being home for about 28 hours and not being in the hall (or at least not coherently aware of it) for nearly 40.

And it warms my heart to know that my friends hit up my not really a blog. :P

[Mood] Awake and happy.
[Music] Can't. Burning CDs
[Wants] Watch my Adult Swim Tape from Saturday: Doing so. Other crap: List it when I want to. :P


Apr 3, 2002 00:25 CST: I shouldn't be playing Fatal Frame after midnight. It fucking scares me while I'm playing it in the *middle of the day*. It's not a game you play in the middle of the night, unless you are a sick freak... like me.

I also shouldn't be playing it with my headphones on, with that "revolutionary ARNIS audio technology <insert techobabble bull here>" or what ever it is. That is the main reason why this game gets to me. You can't get past the game because alot of the clues to pass the game are audio, and the sound is the reason why this game is just frightening. (Like right before I wrote this, had a nice little woman's gasp go off into my left headphone. And the sound's so good, it was almost like it was right there.)

... Can't sleep, ghosts'll get me. o_o

[Mood] Frightened by the sounds and shadows...
[Music] Nada.
[Wants] It to be daylight: NOW. To sleep with the lights on: Not since I was five, but... ¬_¬


Mar 31, 2002 20:15 CST: Going ot work for 13 hours sucks. And if the reason I had to work said insane hours also results in me getting my checks on Fridays again will not make RJ a happy boy.

Bleh, and I just got a new computer desk yesterday that I was able to put together right before I had to go in. I didn't get my computer moved and hooked all back up until this morning.

And I'm not done yet. Feng Shui is all screwy. >_<

[Mood] Rearranging.
[Music] The WWF Forcible Entry CD
[Wants] For my room to be done: My Feng Shui must be fixed. Not to be called in due to lazy coworkers anymore: Grrrrr.


Mar 25, 2002 10:35 CST: I know it's the first week of spring. And it's snowing. It's chicago. We'll have snow in the middle of JULY if mother nature is have PMS. We are the weather's bitch. (<chicago{Weather}> :P)

But here's a equation for everyone:
First week of spring + snow != Drive like an idiot.

If you live here, you've just driven in the crap for the better part of four months. A couple of weeks away from it doesn't mean you let your driving skills go to pot.

Oh, and if you play Fatal Frame: It's a very good game. Just don't play it in the middle of the night, in a darkened room with the sound turned up... You'll heart will go as fast as Miku's. (Mmmm, Miku in a leather miniskirt... :9)

[Mood] Walking in a winter wonderland... in the first week of spring.
[Music] Fatal Frame game.
[Wants] Still to do frames: ... mwhahahaha. April fool's day thing: .... mwhahahahaha.


Mar 24, 2002 08:10 CST: What part of no don't people understand?

Doors' are locked. You're not getting in. Bitching about it isn't going to change CRAP. (Save for me. I love it when thick-skulled idiots who think they be the one to get in even though they got the same answer 30 times in a row. Like keeping a string just out of a kitty's reach.)

Kindly SHUT THE BLOODY FUCK UP and go bug the Citgo guy. Or something.

[Mood] Headachy
[Music] Black - Siam Shade
[Wants] McCrap for breakfast: Oh yeah baby. McMorons not on the register this time: Please OH PLEASE not this time. >_<


Mar 22, 2002 00:25 CST: Oh yeah, this thing still exists. Doyhey.

Now whenever I have something planned that I was going to do for a while and don't make sure I've got enough 'runway' (aka: making sure my butt's covered so I don't get fucked into doing something else) to clear that, something almost always comes in and screws it up.

What I had planned: Clear out my bookmarks, sit on my butt, begin fucking around with the site for April Fool's Day, get started on doing the frames shit, start on remaking the captions for Thousand Arms, and give Fatal Frame a run-through.

What happened: WORK. (A nice four letter word that cancels out the stuff above.)

Breakdown on what happened: I go to school, get done kicky fast with my lab midterm, (like under 30 freaking minutes done) and head over to my mom's store to play "Gas City repair man", sans the pay. :P

My manager knows I'm over there and calls. Ye ol' ASSistant Manager (Who shall be know as FT, or Fucking Twink) had called off, claiming he was sick. Was since the night before.

Now what happened the night before: Coworker comes in, sick. (Who still worked for at least 5 hours) FT, who just got yelled at by the district manager for being a lazy prick when I got there, got it into his head that he could do the same thing.
... the only diffrence is that the coworker was actually sick. I mean everything, from the way he acted to the way he looked. He was sick. FT was fucking healthier than I was.

In my three+ years at that store, I have called off from work just twice. When my dog died last month and when the side of my car got smashed in back in August. It took me nearly three years before I had a legit excuse on why I couldn't come in. Mainly do to shit that happened to me that was out of my control. For me, bouts of laziness != day off from work. That's what days off are for. (Which mine's Sunday, right after a midnight shift. I pretend that my store doesn't even exist. :P)

[Music] Remix Mainia! (Random stuff from Overclocked)
[Wants] DEATH: Now. To do all the crap I had planned today: After DEATH. Or Sunday. Whichever.


Mar 14, 2002 04:30 CST: Still feel like crap about my dog. It still sucks, but less than it did Friday.

But on to something else: How hard is it to read one little sign? Really, it isn't difficult. Letters -> Words -> INFORMATION. Hell, we got a shitload of signs up at my lovely (loose terminology) place of employment. There up for your information, not because it makes me feel all good inside.

And then people want to get all pissy because they choose not to read a sign and have to go deal with the crap that comes from not reading it.

Reading is fundamental, fuktard. Sign's on the doors say we don't open 'til 5:00AM; Use Night Pay Window. And I know the No Parking sign can be seen, especially since it's at eye height.

[Mood] Here's your frigging $12.78, ya dick.
[Music] Ultra Relax Remix. Don't know why, so don't ask.
[Wants] Room on my computer for more crap: I still got a little space left. Devil's haircut: In my mind. (... Fucking random mp3 playlist.)


Mar 8, 2002 09:00 CST: I just found my dog dead. There's nothing more than coming home from work after a midnight shift, (A decent one at that.) to find her dead.

I was going to put her to sleep tomorrow. Her time was coming, and everyone in my family knew it including her. I just wanted one more day, that's it. One more day to screw around in the yard, take her for a walk, that kind of shit.

I'm crying like I'm ten again, when I first got her. I originally wanted a 1337 dog, like a cocker spaniel or something like that. Dad just wanted the cheapest one in the store. ($50) The store owner and the vet said she wouldn't last beyond nine years. She went for thirteen, on the dot.

I'm just gonna stop now and cry for a couple of hours.

Frisky: Mar 8, 1989 - Mar 8, 2002. Stay good girl.

[Music] Blue - Cowboy Bebop OST
[Mood & Wants] If you can't guess, then you need a brick upside the head.


Mar 6, 2002 03:10 CST: Did someone declare yesterday "Be a fucking stupid moron." day? I mean, I know once in a while I will have to explain shit at work more than one time. But five times? To at least eight different people? And bitching about something won't help anything, because it'll still be the same answer. Bitching about last night's lotto numbers won't get them re-rolled, moaning about the weather won't make it stop snowing, and groaning about how the pump's prepay isn't going to change the fact that it is. (It says it in three different place on those pumps too. It's should be idiot proof.)

And if I bitch about it anymore, my mood's going to go from annoyed to AAARGDLYFUUUUUUUXXXXXXXOOOOOOORRRRR.

[Mood] To gas your colony, you annoying fucktards.
[Music] Frequency DNA 13. Fuk j00 DK.
[Wants] To get my hard drives (Yes, plural) cleared off of all the twice download crap: Now, dammit. To play with my sister's new computer: Now too, dammit.


Mar 3, 2002 18:25 CST: Two words to sum up the weekend trip to Camp Atterbury, IN: Cold. Wet.

Now I don't mind the latter of the two. Being wet doesn't really bug me. I go "Menh, I'm wet." and go dry off.

Cold, though, I try and avoid as much as possible. I hate the cold. Cold iz teh suxxx. To me cold = DEATH. That's why I like warmth, summer, and all that good shit.

Bah, I'm finding food. Warm food. ^^

[Mood] Warm
[Music] The Real Folk Blues - Cowboy Bebop ED
[Wants] Money: Alot. Not to work tonight: Even more. >_<


Feb 28, 2002 01:30 CST: Thank god for good brakes. Your brakes should be good enough so you slow down with only a little amount of pressure. If you've got to stand on your brakes to even stop your car at a light, get them checked.

And why is this?

I nearly hit a dog. Nearly. Guy gets out of his car that's parked on the street, I move over as far as I can without going into the other lane, just in case. Dog jumps out right after him and into my path. I slam on the brakes, going for my average "Speed limit? That's just a suggestion." speed to dead fucking stop in under three seconds and less than what a soccer driving mom's SUV would've done it in. And, lucky, three feet shy of the dog. And all with cold brakes. (Ask someone who knows about cars, mmmmkay?)

All this on the drive to school when there was no school today. Stupid staff crap day. I really got to check the calander more often. -_-

[Mood] Still freaked
[Music] Cowboy Bebop OST
[Wants] More Goose Island root beer: Mmmm, creamy head. That if someone is reading this and doing something something like it to just remember where it came from: YANG, THIS MEANS YOU. ¬_¬


Feb 27, 2002 01:55 CST: *Ahem.*


This moment has been brought to you by RJ's been watching Invader Zim episodes.

[Mood] Doom doomdoomdoom doom doom DOOM!
[Music] The Doom Song - Gir
[Wants] To take over your planet, earthnoid: Rising. More IZ episodes: Give me more earth scum.


Feb 22, 2002 05:40 CST: Yes, I don't sleep. Or I have today off. :P

I haven't been checking my Tripod bandwidth for a week, so I pop the damned thing open to check it.

For the past two days, my hourly bandwidth limits (5.7 MB a day) Either I'm getting really popular (Yeah, right) or it's something else... ¬_¬

Either way, to whoever's doing it: If your a friend of mine: Email my ass on what your getting and why. If not: Sign the freaking guestbook. </pimping>

[Mood] Caffeinated
[Music] To random to care. :P
[Wants] To know who blowing the limit: Rising. Food: Ditto.


Feb 21, 2002 19:00 CST: serial experiments lain. I like lain. It is, basically, the first mindfuck anime I've ever owned. I have it both taped (dubbed) and I just currently got the DVD box set, (Late Christmas money + IRS tax refund = Nummy.) so I watched it yet again.

Now it should be noted that I didn't see any of Neon Genesis Evangelion before the holidays, save for EoE. So, of course, I didn't notice anything the first half-dozen times I watched lain. But afterwards, I did notice something...

Somebody watched the final two episodes of Eva and floated around the net perhaps a TAD to much. Or maybe it's just me. :P

[Mood] I'm alive.
[Music] "Sakura Saku" - Hayashibara Megumi (Love Hina OP. Just shut up.)
[Wants] The almost yuri luvluv between Lain and Arisu/Alice to have gone just a little further: Rising. PR0N: Always


Feb 17, 2002 20:50 CST: Quiz time! If your are 2 and a half months shy of being eighteen and try to buy smokes, what will happen?
A: I'll be a dumb ass and sell you the pack, thus taking the chance of me losing my job.
B: Not sell you the pack and have to listen to you bitch about it.

Listen, two days/weeks/months/years under 18 IS STILL NOT EIGHTEEN. Make time go forward I can't do. Change the laws in under two seconds I cannot do.


And bitching about it ain't going to change anything. I'm just doing my job and trying to keep my paycheck.

[Mood] Hellva lot better than this morning.
[Music] WWF No Way Out PPV (Not music, but... :P)
[Wants] Ice cream: Fuck, none in the house. To do that stupid NWO 4 Life crap: Killed.


Feb 14, 2002 23:31 CST: To quote my niece: "DBZ sucks big dick."
For a little five-year-old, she's rules.

[Mood] Still ticked off.
[Music] Cowboy Bebop OP. (Since it's on.)
[Wants] Urge to kill family member: Still there. Urge to watch Faye bounce: Rising.


Feb 14, 2002 11:45 CST: There's a little iddybiddy part of me that pops up ever so often that tells me that I love my sister. It come usually after she has done anything extremely stupid for a while, stay for, at most, three days. Then, when she goes and does something stupid enough to affect my life.

Like today. when she didn't swagger/stumble/get home last night, thus leaving me to take care of my niece. Which wouldn't be a problem, save for a minor thing:


So thank you Breanne. Thank you, once again, for thinking that you are the center and only thing in the universe and for fucking over my life, your daughter's life, and making me realize that I'm apparently a better parent to your kid that you are.

[Mood] Disgruntled.
[Music] "Beautiful Day" - U2
[Wants] Urge to kill family member: Rising. Need to get a freaking pic for the mood thing: Also rising.


Feb 12, 2002 03:52 CST: I probably won't ever, ever, EVER get a livejournal, or a blog, or whatever's out there. The main reason (I got more) is because mainly I use this frigging page as a crappy excuse for being a blog. Hell, some people still do that. But some people get a livejournal/blog because either that actually want one, (*gasp!*) the get pressured into one, they do it to make fun of it, or because it's the "Xt3r/\/\3 1337s T|-|1|/|g EVAAAAR!!!1!11!1".

Basically, the thoughts page now will probably turn into a fucking blog thing, probably cleaned out every month or so, with whatever Rant o' the Moment right under it.

[Mood] Freak nasty.
[Music] "One of a Kind" - Breaking Point
[Wants] That I can do stuff like the mood/music crap too: There. Apple Jacks: *Munch* There too.


And my Anime watching funk seems to be over, so to the DVD's!

RJ Bachler is property of the United States or something. <- Well, duh. Goolgism. :P
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