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And one more thing.

tiasian Take a wild guess. :P

Not one of my codes, but since it came from JR, I'm his granddaddy master. TIA's a grandkidbitch of mine, or something. :P


This is RJ. This is RJ on sleep deprivation, because right now even I don't know if I'm making any sense. Any questions? :P
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    Thu, 11:13: The US Naval Academy has a glee club. The US Army's glee club? Field Artillery. Because we're happy when shit goes BOOM

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    Sun, 18:32: 10 hours of driving=very numb butt. (Tweet sponsored by the Alpha Battle Dragon Lords Against Forest Fires)

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    Sun, 23:30: Yes, we brought Bin Laden to justice. The kind of justice he rightly deserved and we were so glad to give it to him Mon,…

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