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Yes, I am alive.

Well, I've been a busy little sod as of late. And becasue of it, I kinda had to pull back from the net a bit. But I'm back, and still the same. :P

So beyond the usual crap, here's what came and hit me this week:
I was sick, for the first time in a LOOOOONG time. Nothing major, just a cold, which has now gone down to a slightly sore throat and a highly annoying cough.
Work at #45. Sucked. And the half a buck and hour extra there went to pay for gas. With nothing left over. And I get to do it ALL THIS MONTH. ;_;
Ran around the south side of Chicago for USAR drill this weekend.
Picked up my sister from ISU down in Bloomington/Noraml, IL. (Note to self: Bring UHaul to get her crap next time.)
Got a new watch. The old one's band fell apart.

... And fuck it, let the Christmas list meme continue!
Anime. I'll take it all: The good, the bad, and the "Dear god, this sucks."
Money. A lot.
Sex. Can't get enough.
Video games. PS2 and GBA preferred.
... Guess. :P
A new computer. Nagha's over five years old now, and that's pretty close to 100 in computer years. :P
S. E. X.
World War. Because peace doesn't keep my ass in the Army. ;p

I'm so freaking unoriginal. :P
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