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Thoughts on my Army camping trip

What we did on my annual training, my version:

Convoys and driving:
Left the home station to get to the highway, escorted by the state police. Probably scared everyone between the two, thinking World War 3 or another attack happened.

Other than that, no matter what anyone or anything says, you can do 63 mph in a military vehicle. (Top limit on the speedometer is 55.)

Oh, and you can power slide a Hummer around a corner. >D

MILES gear:
It’s laser tag and real life Quake, at two grand a person. Yes, I get paid to wear stupidly expensive equipment, run around in the wood, and shoot people with a laser. And I actually “killed” someone too. w00t.

The training:
What we got “graded on” was defending and protecting the camp from the evil (insert vaguely Hispanic name here.) drug family, which were funneling money to Bin Laden and group. We sucked on and I’ll leave it at that.
What we’re supposed to do, AKA our MOS (job), we didn’t do much of. Granted, almost everything we can do in Chicago, so it’s almost not a problem…


We cannot run the smoke generators anywhere nearby. The two closest places are Ft. McCoy, WI and Camp Atterbury, IN, which are good distances away. So the only time we can run them without smoking out a major roadway is during annual training.

But the only smoke mission we got was the last day at camp, the battalion wide smoke mission. So (with permission of range control) we did what we have now deemed the “Ghetto Maneuver” (No offence to anyone.) Which is basically sneak out and blow your own smoke. :P

Garrison, or back on base:
When you’re done, you really have nothing to do. Make sure you stuff is straight, and then go to the PX, or the club (It was McCoy’s where I was) And I found out something: I really do not like the taste of beer. Or at least MGD. I mainly drank Hard Lemonade or something like that.

Other than that, it was an average AT, leaning slightly to the “Ugh “side. But I’m paid, I’m home, and I got a half dozen anime DVDs to watch, two of which are box sets. Wheeee.
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