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St Nick.

Had a rougly 2 dozen customers last night, (Compared to the usual 90-150 average for a midnight) So I played some GBA games and had a random though go through my screwed-up head.

Santa's not really a good role model. Yes, he has all that Christmas spirt and shit, but think about it: He works only one day a year, and is just an over-glorified delivery man for that one day. He has elves make all the toys for probably nothing, makes the reindeer fly and haul his butt all over the globe, (Hey ASPCA!) he's on the way to a heart attack with his weight, likes little kids to sit in his lap, breaks into people's house late at night, (Though he doesn't steal. He leaves stuff.) and he watches you ALL THE TIME. (Think about that. Especially if you got pr0n on your computer. ¬_¬)

So good old Kringle isn't really a good role model at all.

... God, I had too much free time last night. :P

Oh, and Merry Christmas.
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