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Junk, junk, bill, W2s, junk, ... aw dammit.

Well... my sister had it, followed by my dad, and then my mom. Now I've got it.

"Robert J. Bachler. You are to report to the Daley Center (Oh joy, downtown Chi-town.) at 8:00 am, on Jan 28, 2003. You have been selected for (Everyone say it now!) jury duty."

Blargh. Maybe I can get out of it becasue I'm in the USAR and might have to go over there and kill mean people. Or say I'm insane. Either or.

Plus side, the W2s from the USAR are in. Total earnings before taxes: $3136.56 Now I just have to wait for Gas City's W2s, and for Quicken to put up the web version of Turbo Tax. (And there will be the cashmonies for NextCon. ^^)
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