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Waaaaaaaaant... @_@

Okay, I'm trawling through Gamestop.com's site, seeing what comes out soon. And 2003 is looking to start off good. So here's my list of games I will get for the first quarter, no matter what:
SimCity 4 - Nothing like building your own city. Then send a few dozen disasters onto it. >D
Devil May Cry 2 - The first one kicked ass of all creed and color. And the second looks to top that.
Skies of Arcadia Legends - I already have, and beaten, SoA for the DC. I want the stuff they put in the GC version. :P
XenoSaga - I like big robots.
Z.O.E. 2 - Se above, mix with DMC2.
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire - Yes, I'll cave one more time to the monster trainer game that started it all.
Mega Man and Bass - Mmmm, ported shtuff. 'bout time too.

Want them so much....
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