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Bye-bye Annual Training check.

Or at least a good chunk of it.

But the thing is the mass majority of it I didn’t spend on myself. I bought my mom a new microwave (The old one was 16 years old.) and I bought my brothers a Xbox. Yes, a freaking Xbox, plus a game and a memory card. I only bought myself two GBA games. (Mario Advance 2 and Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars)

And I didn’t have any reason why I spend my AT check on people other than me. I just wanted to. I’m odd like that. I don’t feel any need to have a lot of money. Just enough to cover any needs and have some left over for emergencies. The rest I feel is excessive, so I spend it on others.

And now, I’m gonna find food, then get ready to watch the Summerfest fireworks at 10, then to work for the midnight shift.
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