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Another rant on ads.

Goddammit, I'm old enough to remember when ads on the internet were, at most, just a banner thing on a page. Nothing special, just if you had an image editing program and enough knowledge in HTML, you had an ad.

Now ads pop-up, redirect you before going to whatever you want to see, (Fuck you too Yahoo Groups.) run on flash, have sound, choke up my system and basically want me to KILL WHOEVER MADE IT. Okay, ani-gifs I can really understand. Those don't really take up too much space and are flashy. But flash? Having an ad with flash and sound in it make it into a commercial. And last I checked, this was the internet, not the boob tube. (I, honestly, don't watch TV all that much anymore. I tape what I want to watch, and just fastforward thorugh any crap and ads. And I don't really pay attention to it if I do have it on when I'm home. It's just background noise to me now.) and people usually go and piss or get food when a commercial is on.

Plus I had a pop-up ad for a pop-up ad stopper. Honestly, WTF? I know it pays for some sites, but no one cares. (Though I pay for my Tripod site out of my back pocket, so no ads. :P) They just pass it up to get to the stuff they want.

So, can we just drop this shit?
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