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Feeling too damned good.

All this good karma would be nice, but usually all the bad karma I’m not getting builds up and explodes in my face. Hopefully it won’t this time.

Changed the oil in my truck, but it’ll need to be changed again in a little more than a month’s time. I’m suspecting that XV-con will put on over 2000 miles on the Jimmy, where V-con only just put it over 1800. (I change the oil every 2500 miles. Bite me, that’s how my dad taught me. :P)

Okay, stupid questionnaire time. Thought up some usual moronic questions at work last night.

Name?: Robert J Bachler
Aliases?: RJ, BJ, Spc. Bachler, Madd Dawg, (Yes, that’s my nickname in my USAR unit. :P) Other assorted names not fit to print.
Birthday?: May 31, 1979
Why did you get a LJ?: Thanks to some minor bugging for someone, I got one.
Why “Arjei”?: Because one day on a IRC server in the great maple-leafed north, I got called it. Plus I got sick of using RJ_Bachler for almost everything. :P
And AB: You did it before me. I would bow and become you ever-obedient slave, but Kou would probably kick my ass for it.
Favorite food?: Hot stuff, steak, and Double-Stuf Oreo’s. Bow before their double creamy might.
Non-alcoholic drink?: Either Dr. Pepper, A&W Cream Soda, or ice tea made from the mix crud.
Booze?: I don’t like the taste of beer. Mike’s Hard Lemonade is my choice right now.
Favorite TV show?: I haven’t watched TV too much as of late, so none.
Anime?: Look at the default pic. What do you think?
What’s on you desk right now?: The JL toys from Subway that I “liberated” from it, models of the Outlaw Star from the same named anime, the Swordfish 2 from Cowboy Bebop, all the Evas from NGE, including both the yellow and blue versions of Eva-00, and a small figurine of Belldandy. (Mmmm, goddessy.)

I would’ve thought up more, but some drunken customers derailed my train of thought. Bah.
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