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It's back: The good, the bad and the double ugly.

The good: For the first time in over a year and a half, my checking account has over $1,000 in there. ($1090 and change.) Bling-bling, ching-ching.

The bad: It'll be cut in half by Monday. (Drill weekend, car and internet payments go in.)

The ugly 1: People with Christmas decorations not only still up, but ON, need to be forced to take them down at gun point and whipped with them. The hoildays are over, no matter how often people say the hoilday sprit should be year-round. (Or at least turn them off.)

The ugly 2: I don't know which is worse: People who cut you off in WinMX because they're asshats, or the ones that have a T3+ line, (or so they say) and have 10 of 10 connections open, yet are queued all to hell and back again.

But a grand in the bank, and I got DMC2 today. (With t-shirt.) Wai.
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