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I'm at it again.

There. Shin Alex, CFC2 style. :P (And I know Alex, I need to fix the eyes. :P)

Did the ACTUAL CFC2 Alpha Ryu card, and did the CFC1 normal Ryu card. :P

Meh, Jess did better job on her's. (CFC1 Felecia works well for Lynxara, CFC2 works for LilTigre. :P)

She did CFC2, I did CFC1. Wish I did a better job on the Noche plushie on her shoulder. -_-

This time, he did CFC1, I did CFC2. :P

Option, minus the bird. :P

MOT Tiffa. Or should it be the other way around? (BTW, I'm using the old drawing of Tiffa on the MOT/OR page. It's the only thing I can go off of. -_-)

Mirai versions. I'm a loser. Bite me. :P

The ones for others:


If there's a problen, or you want them changed, just say so.

Did a backs for the cards though. :P

"Finishing move: Call Caesar for help." I saw him on the roster, and had to after seeing your listing on there, Trey. :P


I may need to darken the blues on the CFC2 one some more.


Pardon us, but we both have to kick your ass now.

Augh, lagburst! o_O

And the base for the cards up top.

Maybe more later. MUCH later. Burnt out right now.
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