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Current happenings. - RJ's LJ - WTF is my way of life.
I've been on the 'net longer that some of you've been ALIVE.
Current happenings.
1. Truck was leaking oil. Actually, it's BEEN leaking oil since before I went to XV-con, but it was a very minor little leak back then. But, over the last month, it has turned into a somewhat not good/bad leak. Parents said it was either a gasket or a seal. Turns out it was an oil cooler line. Plus side though: It didn't cost me on red cent. Warranties rule.

2. New LJ FAQ on community maintaining. Plus a new community manage interface, which is a hellva lot easier to use than the admin console. (Though I would have to use the AdminCon if I had to ban some one. :P) Plus a way to make someone a a maintainer without giving out the journal's password. (Though I still want at least one other person to have it.) Or I could make someone a moderator, which is a New Thing™. But nothing has really been done with mod status yet, other than just being able to MAKE someone a moderator.

Just something I have to think of for svam in case I get shipped out or something.

3. Rearranging my room, which is taking slighty longer that I wanted. Mainly due to my own procrastinating ass. I'll take a pic after I'm done.

4. I'm now screwing with the CFC action/reaction cards, but I need some help or ideas on them. I'll post something on it later.

5. Some people need to remember one little thing: Pot? Kettle. Black.

Feels like: blah blah

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