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Current happenings.

1. Truck was leaking oil. Actually, it's BEEN leaking oil since before I went to XV-con, but it was a very minor little leak back then. But, over the last month, it has turned into a somewhat not good/bad leak. Parents said it was either a gasket or a seal. Turns out it was an oil cooler line. Plus side though: It didn't cost me on red cent. Warranties rule.

2. New LJ FAQ on community maintaining. Plus a new community manage interface, which is a hellva lot easier to use than the admin console. (Though I would have to use the AdminCon if I had to ban some one. :P) Plus a way to make someone a a maintainer without giving out the journal's password. (Though I still want at least one other person to have it.) Or I could make someone a moderator, which is a New Thing™. But nothing has really been done with mod status yet, other than just being able to MAKE someone a moderator.

Just something I have to think of for svam in case I get shipped out or something.

3. Rearranging my room, which is taking slighty longer that I wanted. Mainly due to my own procrastinating ass. I'll take a pic after I'm done.

4. I'm now screwing with the CFC action/reaction cards, but I need some help or ideas on them. I'll post something on it later.

5. Some people need to remember one little thing: Pot? Kettle. Black.
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