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First, let me get this out of the way: In Bush's mind we are going to war, no matter what. Why do I think this? Becasue of one line from his speech last night. (Which, I noticed, is not in CNN.com's transrcipt. Hmmmmm...)

"That regime pledged to reveal and destroy all of its weapons of mass destruction as a condition for ending the First Persian Gulf War in 1991."

That set off a nice little alarm in my head: He's already got the second planned out if he's calling the one back in '91 the first.

But Bush's speech, to me, was two things: Way too short and not really motivating. We're 48 hours from declaring war on Iraq if Saddam & sons don't haul butt out of the country. You need to motivate the American people to ralley behind you, expecially if this war isn't short and doesn't go the way the government is expecting. And it fell WAAAY to short of that. Hell, I'm in the USAR and I wasn't motivated. (I'm more motivated by the +$2000 monthly paycheck if I do go. :P)

And the speech needs to be longer than some people's bowel movements. :P I'm sorry, but 14 minutes isn't a prelude to war speech. It's barely a sales pitch.

I'l rant more later, but I'm doing this from school. :P

Which member of the Homestar Runner gang are you?

Hell yeah... What was the question again?

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