RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Cards. Again.

I think I need to fix the hair a bit more. :/

Due to the slight increase of k-linings DK had to perform as of late. :P

Jess? Evil? Nooooo. (... pleasedon'tkillme. ^^;;;)

Finally, a back! :P

Okay, I really need a bit of help on some of the cards, mainly the colors. Some I have an idea for already, but I wanted to get the cards up first. If you have a suggestion for what to use as the color for the hair/clothes/ect, please reply.

Booyah. :P

Something for Paul's sister to taunt him with. :P

Yosha! :P

It's Ray, really! :P

... Or should it be Iron Perv? :P

I know one will be JR. :P


How many versions of a RP avvie have you had? :P

And I need help picking a name for a few of these too,

Tags: cfc, family & friends, games
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