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I probably won't ever, ever, EVER get a livejournal, or a blog, or whatever's out there. The main reason (I got more) is because mainly I use this frigging page as a crappy excuse for being a blog. Hell, some people still do that. But some people get a livejournal/blog because either that actually want one, (*gasp!*) the get pressured into one, they do it to make fun of it, or because it's the "Xt3r/\/\3 1337s T|-|1|/|g EVAAAAR!!!1!11!1".

Basically, the thoughts page now will probably turn into a fucking blog thing, probably cleaned out every month or so, with whatever Rant o' the Moment right under it.

[Wants] That I can do stuff like the mood/music crap too: There. Apple Jacks: *Munch* There too.
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