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serial experiments lain

I like lain. It is, basically, the first mindfuck anime I've ever owned. I have it both taped (dubbed) and I just currently got the DVD box set, (Late Christmas money + IRS tax refund = Nummy.) so I watched it yet again.

Now it should be noted that I didn't see any of Neon Genesis Evangelion before the holidays, save for EoE. So, of course, I didn't notice anything the first half-dozen times I watched lain. But afterwards, I did notice something...

Somebody watched the final two episodes of Eva and floated around the net perhaps a TAD to much. Or maybe it's just me. :P

[Wants] The almost yuri luvluv between Lain and Arisu/Alice to have gone just a little further: Rising. PR0N: Always
Tags: anime, oldskool

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