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Thank god for good brakes. Your brakes should be good enough so you slow down with only a little amount of pressure. If you've got to stand on your brakes to even stop your car at a light, get them checked.

And why is this?

I nearly hit a dog. Nearly. Guy gets out of his car that's parked on the street, I move over as far as I can without going into the other lane, just in case. Dog jumps out right after him and into my path. I slam on the brakes, going for my average "Speed limit? That's just a suggestion." speed to dead fucking stop in under three seconds and less than what a soccer driving mom's SUV would've done it in. And, lucky, three feet shy of the dog. And all with cold brakes. (Ask someone who knows about cars, mmmmkay?)

All this on the drive to school when there was no school today. Stupid staff crap day. I really got to check the calander more often. -_-

[Wants] More Goose Island root beer: Mmmm, creamy head. That if someone is reading this and doing something something like it to just remember where it came from: YANG, THIS MEANS YOU. ¬_¬
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