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I shouldn't be playing Fatal Frame after midnight. It fucking scares me while I'm playing it in the *middle of the day*. It's not a game you play in the middle of the night, unless you are a sick freak... like me.

I also shouldn't be playing it with my headphones on, with that "revolutionary ARNIS audio technology <insert techobabble bull here>" or what ever it is. That is the main reason why this game gets to me. You can't get past the game because alot of the clues to pass the game are audio, and the sound is the reason why this game is just frightening. (Like right before I wrote this, had a nice little woman's gasp go off into my left headphone. And the sound's so good, it was almost like it was right there.)

... Can't sleep, ghosts'll get me. o_o

[Wants] It to be daylight: NOW. To sleep with the lights on: Not since I was five, but... ¬_¬
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    Sun, 11:50: I'm certain the only Sunday where I don't wind up pissed off will be one where I don't work

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    Tue, 10:14: Lesson for life: If you see the cashiers at a gas station run out and fill their cars up, gas is jumping up big time

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    Sat, 14:18: Next person to dump garbage in the charity bucket at work is going to get a donation of my fist to their face

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