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*Ahem* again

[13:22] *** Now talking in #C-ko'schathall
[13:22] *** Topic is '(<chicago{Weather}> :P) <~ RJ, you freak.'

It's little stuff like what's above that makes me happy after not being home for about 28 hours and not being in the hall (or at least not coherently aware of it) for nearly 40.

And it warms my heart to know that my friends hit up my not really a blog. :P

[Wants] Watch my Adult Swim Tape from Saturday: Doing so. Other crap: List it when I want to. :P
Tags: family & friends, oldskool

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    Sun, 18:32: 10 hours of driving=very numb butt. (Tweet sponsored by the Alpha Battle Dragon Lords Against Forest Fires)

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    Sun, 06:47: God I'm evil. Whenever I see something about Japan's possible nuclear meltdown, I think "And here comes Godzilla."

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