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Oh dear god, please let someone, anyone, win the fucking Big Game. I'm sick of dealing with these dipshits from other states that want to play it AND DON'T FREAKING UNDERSTAND HOW TO whenever the jackpot goes nuts.


[Wants] No more Big Game rollover: Would be wai. Chocolate Creme Oreos: Booyaka bitch.
Tags: bgwc, oldskool

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    ,Thu 10:53: "It's snowing, I think I'm going to cry." Bitch, this is winter in Chicago. SNOW IS NOT A NEW THING.

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    Thu, 14:27: As per yearly tradition here in Chicago: Fuck you mother nature

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    Thu, 18:40: So long my GMC Jimmy. You've been good for nearly 138000 miles, but it's time for a new ride

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