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Well, I am now PAYING for the site. Wheeee or some shit.

I kinda would've had to eventually. Tripod was going to start zapping sites that went over their 25 mb file limit. I was over that by 1.4 megs, plus I would've been adding more as soon as I add more captions.

Menh, biting down $5 a month isn't bad. And plus the ads have gone bye-bye, and my bandwidth limit has been raised to 3 gigs a month/204.8 megs a day/17.1 megs a hour.

So everyone should be grateful. I'm losing money to bring you this crap! ;p

[Wants] Cake: Cake! Wai Wai! ^-^ Big Game jackpot winner: Why didn't it HAPPEN YET?!?! >_
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