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Would've posted this sooner, but I'm lazy. :P

Sometimes you can go through a whole shitty weekend and have just ONE good thing happen to you that makes it ultimately rule. Like it did this weekend.

Work sucked, my sleep schedule as of late is about as on-time as a flight out of O'Hare during winter, and I've been getting headaches.

But the one good thing that made up for it was that I got asked to be the best man at one of my best friend's wedding. Yeah, it's three years away, but still, it just too damned cool and a complete honor to be even asked.

And he wants to have it in either Bermuda, The Bahamas, or Jamaica. So when I have nothing to do with the wedding, I'm gonna go let my hormones go. ;P

[Wants] Nothing right now: I'm odd, aren't I? :P
Tags: family & friends, oldskool

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