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Hi. This is my mind on Freon.

Was able to do stock today, which was nice. And apparently my mind thinks of weird shit while I’m freezing my butt off in the cooler. Stuff like this.

There’s something everyone has. No, I’m not talking about human compassion, feeling or anything like that. This is... something different. This is something that, even though everyone has one, no one will admit to it.

I’m talking about your personal dark demon. The one hiding in the recesses of your soul, away from everything, buried so deep that you hope it’ll never see the light of day. The little, if (sometimes) it can be call that, secret that you wouldn’t dream of telling anyone. Not your mom, your dad, you husband, wife, kids, NO ONE.

And people tend to question themselves about it. Stuff like "What if someone found out?" "Why would I do something like that?" "How come it’s there?"

... But the questions you should ask and fear is "Would/did I like it if/when I did that?" And "What’s stopping me from doing it (again)?"

... Hey, you should see the urge I got to go looking for Disney’s Gummi Bears porn while doing the cooler a bit back. :P
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