RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Back from the dead: The movelist.

I'm blaming Alex, who's probably blaming Alex Magusaka, who probably blames Alex for starting it, who's probably going to blame me. Wheeeee. :P

But here's just the revisions done to the list:

Theme: Bombshell - Powerman 5000
[Alt: "Riot Starter (Live @ The Fillmore Version)" - Cyprus Hill (Pumps stage) "Click, Click, BOOM" - Saliva (Alley stage)]
(Note: If you can think of any better themes, tell me. I have WinMX/KazaaLite. I can get them. :P)

(Alt Version (All three kick and punch buttons): Instead of the blue shirt/Sox Jersey, RJ'll have on a red shirt with a black collar, blck pants, and a red cap. Yes, the work uniform. :P)

Victory Poses:
[instakill] it'll mimic his super/special pose, but the chi shall creep up his entire arm, with RJ making no attempt at put it out.

[IK] Welcome to the last day of the rest your life. Oh, wait...

InstaKill: Point blank: Grab range, hcf x 2, qcb, qcf + 3P - RJ will grab his opponent by the head, lift them into the air, shove his fist into their gut, and fire off a Deadly Silence right into their body at point blank range. (Note: If the grab is missed or blocked, you can kiss the entire super meter goodbye for the rest of the fight, ala Guilty Gear. IE: Unless you're good, you be fucked.)
Quote: You asked for it...
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