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Thoughts from this side of the screen.

I feel like I'm a turbo-charged, nitro-induced angst engine right now. And I don't know why I feel like this, which is pissing me off. And I really want it to stop, but it isn't. Which pisses me off all the more.

Internet, or more specificaly, the homepage. I get into these "Ugh, don't wanna do this right now. Maybe later." funks, which are mostly procrastination mixed with stress and actual time-consuming things. (Like work) Right now the funk is centered on updating the homepage. The plus side of have a funk on one thing is that it takes away a funk from something else. (I'm FINALLY watching the crap-tastic fuckload of anime that has piled up since... Chirstmas. Yeah, save for a couple of things here and there, I havn't really watched anything. And in the past week, I've knocked out ten DVDs.)

The pending deployment. Except for a few minor things, and two somewhat important things, I'm ready. The thing that ticks me off though is that the training we are to get in August was supposed to kill Annual Training for this year. But that was screwed up, and thus screwed over my chances of getting to NextCon. Which I kinda really wanted go to, since god-knows-what's going to happen to me after the training and getting to wherever the top guys want us to be. Y'know, just actually RL hang out with as many of my freinds as possible before dealing with the major shit that I will have to deal with. (Yeah, I hold my freinds & family in a higher regard that my contractual obligation to the United States. Bite me, they're my morals. >P)

The other thing with the deployment is that I don't know how long I'll be gone for. It might be for 6 months, It might be for 3 years. I highly doubt it'll get into that high end range, but I might be looking at least a year.

I'm getting really sick of work. Just mainly the mass idioticy from both sides of the counter as of late. (Like the one I'll refer to as Idiot McStupid, who got conned out of $300 from the register yesterday. Look, I don't know, he just did.) I'm just glad I have to deal with it for just a little under two months. Otherwise I'm might make with the stabby-stabby. </black mage>

One of my sisters is in jail. And I really don't care. She's 22, mom's not bailing her out, and it looks like noone in the family give even a quater of a fuck. We consider her kid (my niece) to be more important than her. We're trying to keep my sister already fucked-up life from screwing up the kid's.

Okay, enough bitching. Here, have a test:

Germany -
Despite a controversial recent history, it has had
a tough and powerful history. A modern-day
technological and cultural beacon, it is still
target to stereotypes and antiquited thoughts.


Technologically Advanced.

Culturally Admired.

Global Power.


Target of Historical Fervor.

Constant Struggle.

Funny-Looking Ethnic Clothing.

Which Country of the World are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hey, I can rebuild my military so fast, it's like the Road Runner on speed. :P
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