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The good, the bad, the ugly, and then some.

The good: I don’t have to back to work for about 45+ hours.

The bad: No one told me I had to stay until 1am today.

The ugly: ... How in the fuck did I get sunburned on the TOP of my head? >_<

I’m not actually pissed off at work right now, nor will I be (probably) for a while. I’ve started to count the hours until I get on the road to XV-con, then I can pretend that Gas City does not exist.

And Alex: The 'thing' has been sent. ¬_¬
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    ,Thu 10:53: "It's snowing, I think I'm going to cry." Bitch, this is winter in Chicago. SNOW IS NOT A NEW THING.

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    Sun, 11:50: I'm certain the only Sunday where I don't wind up pissed off will be one where I don't work

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    Thu, 14:27: As per yearly tradition here in Chicago: Fuck you mother nature

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