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Signs that you are starting to pass the line of "too" & "fucking" on old.

Okay, birthday came and went. 24th, nothing grand. Would've went to the race track, but it was too fucking cold. Both sisters miss it, one (The youngest) is stuck right now happily planted on the east coast for summer. (In DC, doing student teaching or some kind of extra stuff so she can become a teacher all the quicker.) The other (the older) one... just doesn't give a fuck about much. I'm not honestly surprised, and I honestly don't care anymore.

But I have started to realize that my age is starting that "starting to catch up to me" thing. Like when I go to blow out the candles, I missed about five of them. But then two of the damned things re-lit.
Me: ... I thought you weren't going to use trick candles. ¬_¬
Mom: ... I didn't.
Me: ........ (Sighs, blows the rest out) -_-
Now I was half expecting not to blow all of them out. I was NOT expecting to have two regular candles re-light on me. So that just deflated any ego I had left in me. :P

Oh, and there was frost on the roofs of the houses here Sunday morning. Frost. In fucking June. And it's probably going to be the same today. Ye god, the weather be fucked up here in Chicago.
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    Sun, 11:50: I'm certain the only Sunday where I don't wind up pissed off will be one where I don't work

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    Tue, 10:14: Lesson for life: If you see the cashiers at a gas station run out and fill their cars up, gas is jumping up big time

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    Sat, 14:18: Next person to dump garbage in the charity bucket at work is going to get a donation of my fist to their face

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