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Stupid random things, just to show I'm alive.

Got the offical orders to send my ass to where ever yesterday. Short version of it : "Robert J Bachler, you're ass is going over to fight for the USA. W3 0WNORZ J00!"

I'm going to get a PayPal donation button and put it up on my page before I go. Just for the hell of it.

Of course, it's not like I need the money right now, nor am I going to be able to spend it while I'm gone. I'm just in one of those moods to do something like this, but it's probably due to lack of sleep. :P

... Of course, I know there are people out there who've done stuff just because he or she were in that kind of mood too, so menh. :P

Have to order new US flag because the US Army flag that I got (Yes, I got an actual US Army flag. And it rocks you ass.) is bigger than the US. (Which is a no-no. :P) Also have to fix the hooks on the awning so the US flag is in front of the Army Flag. (Also a no-no. The way it's set up on the house, it needs to be on the northern most set of hooks.) Also need to order a service flag for home.

... Also need sleep. Doing so in a few. :P
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