RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

'B-I-T-E M-E.' '_w_o_r_d _n_o_t _f_o_u_n_d' 'Oh bite me."

After reading sircrowbar's last entry, I went looking for a Speak & Spell simulator, just to get a "Hey, Fuck you!" in the robo-voice. I stopped half-way, (But will continue soon) because I realized something...

I want a Speak & 1337. I honestly do. I want to hear, in that grainy robo-voice that only a Speak & Whatever can do, say "d00d, taht r00ld!11!! 1t own0rzed j000!!!1!!! lol kthx"

I think I'm losing it. More so than usual. :P
Tags: randomness

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