RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

War Journal Entry #6: Minor thoughts.

There's a couple of people in this unit that remind me of Rotty, mainly in the way they act. Ii annoys me greatly and I may have to use them as meat shields when we get to where ever. :P

The laptop I'm (ab)using to write this has XP on it. Not bad... save it has that goddamn pop-up crap on it. I've had 8 different pop-ups pop up before I even got to this point. >_<

I get to sleep in an air conditioned tent when I get to Ft. Polk. ... Does such a thing even exist?

If this deployment didn't happen, I would, right now, be screwing around in a Hampton Inn in Tennesse, instead of a Hampton Inn in St. Louis. And knowing that just makes me miss all my friends just a hellva lot more.

And no more dentists. Wheee. :P
Tags: army, bgwc, o: ef, randomness

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