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War Journal #7: Holy shit, I found the internet access here!

And it only took a week+, and the night before I leave to go to Alabama for more training! :P

Okay, what has happend dince I last check this damned thing:

Bus Ride down to Ft Polk. Nothing like just gettting to sleep, then having the a tire blow out RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. Nice way to wake up. Toook an extra 2 hours to get here.

Ft. Polk: the only place where it's more humid at 2 in the mornig than at 2 in the afternoon. Gragh.

I am only sunburn on my hands. Funs. >P

Qualified with the M-16 again, and with the grnade launcher. Yes people, I can blow you the fuck up if you piss me off. :P

I check in to NextCon. Kinda sad the I missed it. STILL don't know if I can get there next year either yet.

It's hot in here, and this place is going to close soon, so hopefully I be able to check in down in Alabama.
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