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War Journal #11: Eeee, free time! XD

Yeah, I just XDed. YOU try working for two weeks straight then not try to go "XD" when you finally get more than a couple of hours of free time.

Spend money at a hotel far enough off base to where I won't actually see it, but close enough where I'll be back there damned quick if need be. And near the mall that used to be crappy, but now kicks multi-ass.

Got on IRC. God, I missed Shevat and hanging with everyone there. ;_;

Spent about $200 on anime TPBs. Mainly becasue I'm slightly sick of the GBA.

Dear Journal: Today, that fine guy at the gast station finally filled my tank...
(*GASP*) ACTUAL JOURNAL: Congratulations! Your LJ
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Well, duh. :P

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... Alex? No going and becoming my enemy and killing off of the girlfriend, mmmkay?

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Well, fuck.

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No! Not Elijah! ;_;

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I bless you in the name of the NES, the Sega, and the PSX systems. Amen

Already have more than enough money for a new computer when I get back. (It will be the damnable 1337est! THIS I VOW!)

... And one more time: Go read Ali's and Kou's comic. Now, bitches. And do fan stuff for it.
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