RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

o/` I got to get high... So high.

Well, no I don't.

I’m watching CNN Headline News, and they had a story on the issue between the US government and the states on weather or not medicinal marijuana is legal or not.

(Which had a video clip of an 80-something woman taking a toke on a blunt. Which I find strangely amusing for some odd reason

... Roll a fatty for this pimp granny.)

Anyway, my stance on this is, basically, who the hell cares, other than people who stand to lose money if pot was legal and other "Highly upstanding citizens who you know have something like kiddie porn or something equally disturbing in their closets that want to advert attention from that to something else."?

Marijuana is less dangerous to the body itself than cigarettes or alcohol, though what it does to the mind is up to debate still. However, I have seen people high on pot and people drunk off their ass within a 90-minute period while working. And I would rather deal with the pot head, who probably passive as all fuck, than the drunk, who wants to kick my ass all over since I got to make everyone prepay at night.

And what’s my reason for this, going on the side of the hemp? Me, who never has and never will check if it’s 4:20?

My parents smoke pot. :P

... No, wait; let me correct that statement.

My parents *grow and smoke* their own. My mom smoked because of her period, though now that’s ended it’s just because of hellishly bad and very rare headaches. My dad just smoked it for no real good reason, the big doof. And there’s nothing fully wrong with them, other than the normal dysfunctional American family stuff.

So kindly shut up about it. And if you want people to stop smoking weed, then tax the fucking hell out of it, like you do with tobacco and booze already. ($5.26 a pack here. Quit yer bitchin', I don't set the price.)
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