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War Journal Entry #19: Another The Good, The Bad, and The "Oh, hello floor." Ugly

The Good: .... Um, I'm alive? And I didn't have to go out to the field last night.

The Bad: I don't like missing the field down here, since it's easy stuff this time around.

The Ugly: The reason I missed going out to the field last night was because me, my face, a towel rack, the doorway to my bathroom, and my floor had a nice little meeting when my brain decided to reboot itself after I got up to go to said bathroom.

Full story: Okay, I have no idea why, (And neither do other people, as it will be explained) but while I was headed to the bathroom, I felt like I was going to puke, immediatly (Like, about 2 seconds later) got lightheaded and dizzy. Next thing I remember is that I'm on the floor, the side of my face in a very ample amount of pain.

So after getting my bearings straight, (which took a good couple of minutes) I was able to guess what happend and see what was fucked-up. (I have pictures! Just not digital. :P)

What happend: Fainted. (duh) Hit a towel rack against my cheek, followed by the doorframe to the bathroom catching the side of my face and my forehead.

Damages: Gash up the side of my face, a couple of "carpet-burn" looking scrapes, and nearly broken glasses.

Needless to say, after show my leadership here, I was taken to the base hosptial. Where they ran the usual shitload of test: Blood, x-ray, catscan, EKG, and so on. But after 7+ hours at the AFB's hospital, the doctors still don't why I went down, but they did find out that I have odd EKG. Which, at first, they wanted to keep me overnight, but consulted with another doctor to find out, even though odd, it's within normal parameters for someone my age. (No, let's find out both here. I want to know why I fainted and the odd EKG shit, even if it's 'within the norm'. I want to know, goddammit, if it'll affect my life here.)

Hopefully it's just a one time thing, and nothing perment.

Note to self: Try one of scooterbird's recipes the weekend.
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