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War Journal Entry #25: Tanks alot.

Yeah, stupid pun. But needed.

Since August, my little platoon has had a problem with tanks. Mainly us being in front of them. And all of this during training.

This was, however, the first time we had more than 20 minutes advanced warning before they came through. The first two times were fuck-ups by higher up, which could've been highly avoided. (How can you not know at least a MONTH ahead of time that some tanks were going to use a range? Hell, for our Annual Training stuff, we know about it nearlt A YEAR before it happens.)


And my per diem pay, along with everyone else's is being fucked-up. Dammit, I want my $300+ extra a week. Rargh.

Good things: I should be back home fully around the 18th of December, and I'm more than a third done with Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. (Been playing it pretty much while on duty. Logged about 50 hours on it now.) Oh, a chicken good. Thanks scooterbird.
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