RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

War Journal Entry #34: New icons, and an odd question.

The icons: Yeah, still Geobreeders' Yu Himehagi. I like her. :P Changed my default, and the one I use for posting on svam. Want opinions on wheater or not I should keep them or go back to the old ones or what.

The question: As I listened to the track listing at the end of Volume #1 of a certain mixtape made by one EA. (BTW: Nice intro. It goes off on tangents, which I do sometimes. It goes from from talking about fat, to the Simpsons, to plumber's crack, to toliet paper, to girlfreinds, back to the fat....)

(... And I'm going off on a tangent right now. Okay, back to the question.)

Anyway, end of album, track listings. EA hits my track and just 'selected by RJ'. No last name, which I don't mind anymore. I've gotten used to being called just 'RJ' to the point now where it's a kind of natural reaction to hearing it and know who people are talking to. But something ran through my head right after that, and I kinda want to know...

Who here does know my last name? Honestly, and without looking to up, just totally from memory. And anyone who does know it, don't post it in the comments. Just say if you do or don't, because I just want to see. (The people who I've sent stuff to should know it. Hell, they know where I live. :P

... Yeah, I think/worry of the strangest things sometimes. I'm like that. :P
Tags: army, family & friends, florida, o: ef, thinking
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