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War Journal Entry #40: The finale: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly style. (Plus extras!)

Yep, it's over. What could've been up to 2 years wound up being just a tad over 5 months. And I'm kinda glad it was only that long.

So let's break it down.

The Good: The money. Oh fucking god, if I didn't list this first, something would've been wrong with me. :P
I now have an ASI (74D1OL4 now, bitch. :p)
Deploying to Florida (of all places) on the government/taxpayer money. :P
Both getting a new computer AND a laptop within a month of each other.
Damnable good chance of becoming a sargent within the next few months.
Being now classified as a veteran. (Yeah, I'm a vet now. I will now bore everyone with stories of TEH WAR!!11!! :P)
Being home now. ^^

The Bad: Missing NextCon. (Mark my words: I WILL make it to TryCon.)
No fucking combat patch.
Dealing with the 375th's HQ shit... Or the 75th's"traning standards" either.
Playing a five plus month catch-up on everything.
Being in Florida during the off-season. (No beach bunnies. ;_;)
Ft. Polk's fucked-up weather. (99% humidity at 2:30 in the morning, and the freezer of the tent.)
Even though I'm a vet, I wasn't out for 180 days, so no education benifits.

Being in MOPP gear, with full LBV and flack vest in 100 degree heat. (No, drinking alot of water and eating will not help.)
Finding out about family getting hurt/sick/going nuts and not being there to help.
Damnit, I though I left Ft. McClellan for GOOD back in '98. Fuck. >_<
Christams Shopping with less than a week and a half to do it in.
Eating bathroom wall.
Working with almost no help from anyone higher than the platoon level, to the point it's nearly set us up for failure. (But we still kicked ass.)

The Other Stuff: "Screwed up" by Ludacris - the 375th, Det 2 (Chicago)'s theme song.
Black Russian and Little White Rabbit, who are houseboys from Jersey who are trying to rape their way across America. (If you ever see these two start that up, run or you'll either laugh until it hurts or start believing them.)
Buying a trunk and another suitcase to bring all the stuff I got home.
I will never, ever get rid of the number 342. No matter how hard I try.
That fact that I spent nearly $900 on anime. (I couldn't decide if this went in Good. Bad, and/or Ugly.)
Capt. Steven, one of the damned coolest officers in the Army. (Who's probably reading this and the homepage, which might explain the .mil hits I've gotten lately. And I hope I spelt your name right. :P)

All-in-all, not bad, not good, but I gots money.

Now to the crapload of anime! :P
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