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Sleep's still a little fucked up. The disconnect wave on mIRC woke me up. >P

Well, now that the whole Army thing is offically done, (I was on leave up to yesterday) I head back to regular old Gas City work on Wedsnesday. But not the Alsip store, since that was sold, with the old staff included, while I was away. I now head out to the New Lenox store. (Which I bitched about on an earlier post.) Which is a good thing, seeing on the new owners and staff over at the old store are less respectable to work with. (And that's only phrase I can think of right now.)

And I also found out that if not for a big fuck up on the last manager to come into Alsip, I might have been sold off with the store. She took me off the master payroll list, (Don't ask me how) which is kinda like firing me. Lucky, my mom, an assistant manager who had to do manager duties for a couple of weeks, saw this and put me back on. (Of course, if she didn't, I could've gotten the Depatment of Labor up the bosses' asses with voilation of the Soilder's and Sailor's Relief Act. :P)

And I fucked up my wrist somehow. It's a goddamn bitch to move it. >_
Tags: army, pain, work

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