RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

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Fuck. >_

I tried to fall asleep at midnight. I've laid in bed until my alarm went off to get me up for drill today.

Fucking insomnia. It had to hit the night before drill. Fuck fuck FUUUUUUCK. >_<

I'm going to be running on caffine all day today, and I'll probably crash hard when I get home tonight.

Tags: army, pain

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    Sun, 18:32: 10 hours of driving=very numb butt. (Tweet sponsored by the Alpha Battle Dragon Lords Against Forest Fires)

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    Mon, 13:52: $5 on someone using their crotch as their avatar's face. (And promptly getting banned.) #e3 #xbox #kinect #xboxe3

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    I has a PSP. (Early birthday gift.) ... Game suggestions anyone? And when in the fuck did "I has..." become acceptable? ;p

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